Bengali Birthday songs

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Birthday songs provide the feeling of fun, frolic and pleasure. They are lighthearted in nature and full of happiness. Usually these songs make up an important part of one’s life. Bengali Birthday songs are amazing and perfectly  set the mood for birthday celebration.These songs are exceptionally melodious in their  essence and generate thrill and excitement. Famous Bengali Birthday songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Bochor Bochor Ashuk Ghure

Album howto buy viagra without prescription: Various

Description : This song captures the pretty memories of one’s birthday. It makes the occasion truly special.

(2) Song : Elo Ek Ochena Bochor

Album : Various

Description : It is a birthday song that generates the aura of celebration. It showcase the exceptionally touching congratulatory message.

(3) Song : Amar Jonmo Din Abar Ashche

Album : Various

Description : This Birthday song gets people dancing on its beats. Lyrics of the song are catchy and trendy.

(4) Song : Aajker ai Bar

Album : Various

Description:It is a classic Birthday song that captures the people soul. It provides the perfect way for wishing great health.

(5) Song : Jonmo Dine Ki Aar Debo

Album : Various

Description : This song is supremely charged that takes the party celebration to next level of enjoyment.

6) Song : Khukon Aamar

Album : Various

Description : This birthday song comprises of melodious composition and graceful lyrics. It renders the birthday memorable.

(7) Song : Dadur Kotha

Album : Various

Description : This birthday songis spontaneous at its core and takes the listeners into world of entertainment. One gets bound to remember all the childhood memories and gets lost in it.

(8) Song : Jonmo Din Aaj

Album : Various

Description : Birthday celebrations are the special moments that makes the life amazing. It is a ideal song for the birthday celebration.


Bengali Bhaktigeeti Songs

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The Bengali Devotional Songs are soulful in nature and leads the person to trade the path of sanctityand awareness. Theyhave the power to revive the life of people. They are very serene in their essence. They made the l is tener to shun away miseries and embrace the peaceful path of God. They generate the feeling of worship and prayerFamous Bengali Bhaktigeeti Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Amay Ektu Jaiga Dao

Album : Manna Dey – Mayer Mondire Bosi Description : It is a very devout song that casts its phenomenal effect on the audience. Listeners get completely absorbed in the music.

(2) Song : Maago Samay To Thakbe Na Go

Album : Pannalal Bhattcharya – Pannalal

Description : This heavenly song completely swept the audience by their feet with its awesome composition.

(3) Song : Jakhan Amon Hoy

Album : Manna Dey Mayer Mondire Bosi

Description : This song satisfies the inner storm of anxiety in the audience mind and reduces their stress.

(4) Song : Maa Maago Maa

Album : Manna Dey – Mayer Mondire Bosi

Description :This song is very soulful and generates massive appeal among the audience. The Lyrics of the song are very meaningful.

(5) Song : Amar Sadhna Mitilo

Album : Pannalal Bhattcharya – Pannalal

Description: This devotional song teaches theaudience to follow the path of wisdom and is deeply sacred at its heart.

(6) Song : Bhebe Dekh Keu Karo Noy

Album : Pannalal Bhattcharya – Pannalal

Description : It is a powerful song that stirs the soul and heart of the listeners. It provides the inner strength to the listeners.

(7) Song : Maa Muchhe De Mor

Album : Pannalal Bhattcharya – Pannalal

Description : This devotional song heals the mental injuries of the audience and helps them to deal with stress of life easily.

(8) Song : Chinta Moi Tara Tumi

Album : Pannalal Bhattcharya – Pannalal

Description : It is a classic song that increases the consciousness and awareness of the person.


Bengali Baul songs

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Bauls form the varied group of minstrel from Bengal that primarily includes Sufi Muslims as wellas Vaishnative Hindus. They involve both religion and music for the expression of their culture. They are exceptional in the usageof their clothes and musical instruments. Bauls have made the considerable impression on the Bengali culture. Rabindranth Tagore was hugely inspired and influenced from Bauls. He has included these songs in his writings as well as compositions. They showcase the fusion of both Hindu bhakti movements along with Sufi songs. Commonly used musical instruments include Ektara, dotara, kartal, mandira. dhol and the bamboo flute.

Famous Bengali Baul Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Tui Amare Pagal Korli Re

Album : Purna Das Baul – Banglar Baul

Description : This religious song casts its compelling effect on the audience. Audience simply absorbed in the music.

(2) Song : Champa Ke Haar Porali Kene

Album : Purna Das Baul – Banglar Baul

Description : This divine song allures the listeners with it’s amazing class. It is very calming in its influence.

(3) Song : Sae Kalachand

Album : Purna Das Baul – Banglar Baul

Description : This song reduces the anxiety and proves to be an effective stress buster.

(4) Song : Prem Sikhaia

Album : Purna Das Baul – Banglar Baul

Description : This song is very touching in its essence and looks gorgeous to the followers. The Lyrics of the song are rich in its content and meaning.

(5) Song : Se Abar Kemon Pagal

Album : Purna Das Baul – Banglar Baul

Description : This devotional song is deeply spiritual at its core and is supreme devotional songs of all time.

(6) Song : Marona Marona Mago

Album : Purna Das Baul – Banglar Baul

Description : It is a class song that creates superior influenceon the audience and provides inner strength to them.

(7) Song : Boner Pakhi Mone Ese

Album : Purna Das Baul – Banglar Baul

Description : This song cleanses the soul and mind of the listener and leaves them peaceful.

(8) Song : Sudhu Hari Bole Dakile Album : Purna Das Baul – Banglar Baul

Description : It is a classical song that increases his perception about his surroundings. It was sung with lots of heart and emotions.


Bengali Band Songs

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The band culture in Bengal is highly popular and makes use of the western musical principles primarily.  They are integrated deeply in the  mainstream Bengali music culture. These bands perform live on stage and also actively take part in a variety of musical concerts. They are popular for creating an extravagant musical show that leaves the audience  mesmerized. Some  of the famous Bengal bands comprises of Cactus, Calcutta Blues, Bhoomi , Chandrabindu, Mohiner Ghoraguli, etc. Bengali Band Songs

Famous Bengali Band Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Bajiye Dhak

Album : Dohar – Bajiya Dhak

Description : This class song showcase the faultless performance of Bands. It possesses the charisma to fascinate the audience.

(2) Song : Conductor

Album : Chandrabindu – Best Of Chandrabindo

Description : This song of Band reflects their musical genius. This awesome composition is truly fascinating and impressive.

(3) Song : Bhangor Moisher Gaan

Album : Bhoomi-Conductor Babu

Description : This song of the Band has a massive appeal and creates the perfect mood for entertainment.

(4) Song : Ekla Chalo Re

Album : Calcutta Blues – Ekla Chalo re

Description  : This song showcase amazing beats and casts a magical effect on the audience. After every listening, it leaves the music lovers wanting for more.

(5) Song : Maa

Album : James – Best Of James

Description : This song is simply spectacular and provides the listeners with life time experience. It was composed intensely and its lyrics are catchy.

(6) Song : Tumi Pataner Karon

Album : Kalpurus – U Lalla

Description : This song leave the audience gasping for air to experience larger than life performance.

(7) Song : Moner Manus

Album : Ek Poshla Brishti – Sweety

Description : This song was sung exceptionally well and proved to be real treat for mind as well as body.

(8) Song : Bondhu Hote Parina

Album : Fossils – Mission F

Description : It is a remarkable song that creates eternal impression on the audience.


Bengali Adhunik Songs

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Bengali Adhunik songs represent the commercial popular music form that is distinct from classical or folk music. These songs generate  massive appeal in the Bengali music  lovers. Some of the renowned artists that have contributed towards the cause of Bengal Adhnik songs are Hemant Kumar, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Atul prasad, Sandhya Mukherji, Salil Chudhary, etc. The compositions of Rabindranath Tagore stands out to a separate category altogether of Bengali Adhunik songs. The evolution of Bengal Adhunil songs dates back to the early 20th century where it was nurtured by theater songs, tappa, devotional songs and other sources. It was related to broad range of topics from love stories to social issues. Bengali <a href=

Some of the famous Bengali Adhunik songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Koto Kotha Lekha Holo

Album : Best Of Babul Supriyo

Description : This song reflects the class singing act by Babul and it is outstanding in terms of its melody.

(2) Song : Prithibir Pore Oi Nilakash

Album : Forever Collection Hemanta

Description : This song makes the audience emotional with its sensitive rendering. The lyrics of the song suit to the theme of the composition.

(3) Song : Koyeliya Jane Se

Album : Best of Akhil Bandhu Ghosh

Description : The energy of this song is contagious and Akhil had sung it with great enthusiasm.

(4) Song : Jhanak Jhanak Nupur

Album : Best Of Geeta Dutta

Description :This song topped the music ratings charts for many weeks and proves to be a world class composition. It is truly an entertaining stuff.

(5) Song : Chandete Joshna

Album : BappiDa Hits

Description : Bappi Da hassung this song with lots of heart and passion. It is a class song that exhibits lively and refreshing appeal.

(6) Song : Amar Moner Moyur Mohole

Album : Kishor – The Golden Years

Description : This song is truly heartwarming and is one of the classics that easily captures the audience attention.

(7) Song : Bansuri Ki Bajibe Na

Album : Best Of Jaganmoy Mitro

Description : This lyrics of this classic song creates magical effect as they are sublime in their expression.

(8) Song : Keno Tumi Bodle Jechho

Album : Indranil Hits

Description : This song of Indranil leaves the listeners entertained every time they tune to this songs.


Bengali Nazrul Songs

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Nazrul songs form a separate category of Bengali music and they are composed in varied types of music such as Banagiti, Gulbagicha, Sursaki, Zulfiqar, Gitishatadal and Ganer Mala. He had also taken into consideration the music of kirtan, baul, bhatiyali, etc. His main focus was on the rendering of devotional songs. Overall, he has composed over thousand songs comprising of bhajans and kirtans of the Hindu traditions as well as nat and marsia of Islamic culture. He had got the extraordinary talent of using different ragas in Bengali music in innovative fashion. Bengali Nazrul <a href=

Famous Bengali Nazrul Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Akashe Aj Choriye Dilam

Album : Anup Ghosal

Description : It is a very pious song that reflects the wonderful effect on the audience. Listeners get absorbed in the music.

2) Song : Khaliachi Jolodebhi

Album : Dheran Basu

Description : This divine song mesmerizes the audience with its marvelous class. It is very comfortable to ears and mind.

(3) Song : Bel Phool Ene Dao

Album : Khalid Hussain

Description :This song settles down the inner noise and is an efficient stress buster.

(4) Song : Paaye Bidheche Kata

Album : Fatema-Tuz-Zohura

Description : This song is a song for saying one’s prayer to God. The lyrics of the song are absolutely rocking.

(5) Song : Janam Janam Gelo

Album : Firoza

Description : This devotional song imparts wisdom to the listeners and praises Lord as the ultimate power.

(6) Song : Ase Basanto Ful Bone

Album : Sathinath

Description : It is an wonderful devotional song that effortlessly capture the listener’s mind and heart.

(7) Song : Shawono Rate Jodi

Album : Dheran BasuDescription : This devotional song purifies the mind and soul of the audience and allows them to become more aware and peaceful.

(8) Song : Ami Chiro Tore Dure

Album : Firoza

Description : This amazing devotional song awakens the person and makes him aware of his surroundings.


Bengali Latest Songs

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Latest Bengali Songs are very trendy and showcase the usage of fusion music widely. It reflects the wide array of taste  and essence. The entire album is considered nowadays to suit the requirement of wide range of audiences. There is lots of focus is placed on the theme of the song. Music Directors are very experimental and they encourage creativity to explore the unexplored areas of the music. It is never so easy for emerging talents to showcase their skills. As a listener, one can experience the western and Indian music influence in

the latest Bengali songs. Bengali Latest <a href=

Famous Bengali latest Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Kichu Kothar Golpo ft Monalisa

Album : Parvez

Description : This song is a chartbuster that has rocked the millions of Bengali music lover across the world.

(2) Song : Obujh Mon (Khude Gaanraj)

Album : Jewel Rana

Description : This song focuses on the theme track of the movie and the Lyrics are extremely rich in their meaning.

(3) Song : Panjabiwala ft Shireen

Album : Habib Wahid

Description : This song is extremely heartwarming and sets the tempo of the scene in the movie. It truly highlights the impressive skills of the singer.

(4) Song : Bondona

Album : Mahadi

Description : This song connects with the audience well and refreshes their mood by offering relaxation. This instant chartbuster song makes the people dance on its tunes.

(5) Song : Bappa Majumdar ft Nancy Rahman

Album : Nancy Rahman

Description : This Song was composed in very creative fashion and it is regarded as milestone in the career of the singer.

(6) Song : Moyurponkkhi Nao

Album : Jhuma

Description : This brilliant song reflects the faultless singing of singer. It has the charm to enthrall the audience and proves to be true stress buster.

(7) Song : Mon Bhabe Taare

Album : Rajib Rahman

Description : This song of singer marks his greatness as a legendary playback singer. This amazing composition is truly spellbinding.

(8) Song : Bolini Kokhono

Album : Ayub Bacchu

Description : This song witness the massive sales of its album. It was simply a runaway success.


Bengali Kids song

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Children Songs offer great entertainment for the kids and get the kids engaged in their activities completely. It compels the audience to go back in time to remember the superb childhood days of fun and excitement. Children songs highlight the innocent character of the kids. These songs are melodious and allow the person to fall in love with these songs. These songs provide thrill and excitement as experienced by a child. These songs are full of life and bring back the memories of childhood. Bengali Kids song

Famous Bengali Children Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Dol Dol Dol

Album : Various

Description : It is an rresistible children song that highlight the awesome days of childhood which are filled with amusement and innocence.

(2) Song : Jonaki Jonaki

Album : Various

Description : This song is absolutely wonderful and composed brilliantly. It is full of exuberance and contains children like timidity.

(3) Song : Chompa Bokul Parul Shimul

Album : Various

Description :This children song is melodious and kids completely fall for it. This song offers simple and funny way of leading life.

(4) Song : Chotto Meye Rupa

Album: Various

Buy Viagra Soft Tabs Onlinealign=”justify”>Description : It is regarded as one of the superior childhood songs. It produces child like youth energy and highlight great vigor and energy.

(5) Song : Nam Tar Kalachad

Album generic: Various

Description : Children are equated to the form of God and this song is based on this theme appropriately.

Buy Clomid Online Pharmacy No Prescription Neededalign=”justify”>(6) Song : O A Pore Khuku

Album : Various

Description : This children song establishes the immediate connection with the audience and its awesome composition makes it remarkable song.

(7) Song : Mamar Bari Taratari

Album : Various

Description : This children song generates the memories of the childhood and is remarkable in its lyrics and beats.

(8) Song : Moyna Pakhi

Album : Various

Description : It is lighthearted and entertaining children song. It is not only melodious in its essence but also teaches the children meaningful lessons.


Bengali Folk Songs

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The folk songs of Bengal are very rich in its content and meaning. They highlight varied forms of folk life and culture in interesting fashion. Some of these songs are passed onfrom one generation to next generation verbally. They depict the outlook of rural life.They are pure and eternal in appeal. These songs exert a great influence on artistry and rendering. The diversity of Indian culture finds itself expressing by way of folk music and folk tales. It features bright and lively colors of life.Famous Bengali Lokogeeti songs are as follows:

Buy cialis onlinealign=”justify”>(1) Song : Thakur Jamai Elo Barite

Album : Various Artist – Loko Geeti 1

Description : This folk song stresses the rich cultural history and instantly connects the audience to their roots.

(2) Song : Aha Prem Koirona

Album : Various Artist – Loko Geeti 1

Description : It is an awesome song that highlights the beautiful cultural values. It makes use of great Instruments.

(3) Song : Bhromor Koio Giya

Album : Sangeeta Thakur

Description : This folksong has worldwide appeal because of remarkable rendering. It features the striking colors of life.

(4) Song : Jal Bhoria Ghate Roio Na

Album : Sangeeta Thakur

Description : This folk song was appreciated worldwide and it retains its charm and magic even after so many years.

(5) Song : Lal Paharer Deshe

Album : Various Artist – Loko Geeti 1

Description : It is a folk song impresses the audience and takes them to world of desire and imagination. One can feel the usage of powerful instruments and exemplary vocals.

(6) Song : Amer Kochi Gache

Album : Various Artist – Loko Geeti 1Description : Folk songs are designed to allure the masses and summarizes the people’s culture at its best.

(7) Song : Boro Loker Biti Lo

Album : Various Artist – Loko Geeti 1

Description: This Folk song encompasses the culture and life of the rural and highlights their various aspects of life such as their dreams, their cravings, and their work and living.

(8) Song : Guru Na BhaziAlbum : Various Artist – Loko Geeti 1

Description : It is a folk song that captures the attention of the audience effortlessly and its ingenious lyrics enhances the beauty of the song.


Bengali Dancing Songs

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Bengali Dancing songs are focused onthe blend of Fast beats and awesome catchy lyrics. These songs produce astounding music and compel the audience to dance. These songs offer a great entertainment in itself. It provides a healthy way to remain fit by using dancing as workout. Audience can easily groove on its tunes and exercise with lively music playing in background. These songs include a wide array of dance forms such as salsa, tango, waltzes, rock, and many others. They create the atmosphere of dance and fun with fervent dance steps.Bengali Dancing Songs

Famous Bengali Dancing songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Orey Neel Doriya

Album : Pantho Kanai

Description : This song simply rocks your mind and body. It is a great piece of music that keep the audience dancing relentlessly.

(2) Song : Ami Ekdin Tomaay

Album : Munni and Sunbeam

Description : This song is completely pleasing and was the instant chartbuster when it was released.

(3) Song  : Meghla Obhiman

Album : Balam ft. Julee – Shopner Prithibi

Description : This song was a huge hit and causes the audience to enjoy its beats at the parties. Moreover, it has got wonderful vocals.

(4) Song : Bolona

Album : Balam ft. Julee – Shopner Prithibi

Description : It is an awesome song that highlight good dance choreography. It makes the audience crazy with its thumping music.

(5) Song : Roop Sagore Jholok Lagaiya

Album : DJ Rees World of Sound

Description :The lyrics of the song are very original and artistic. It is a lovely dancing track and easily a favorite of the dancers.

(6) Song : Koto Din Koto Raat

Album : Jewel

Description : The lyrics of the song are amazing and complement the music of the song very well. This foot tapper song inspires the audience to dance.

(7) Song : Ami Tomari Prem VikhariAlbum : Sunbeam

Description : This song forces the audience to set the dance floor to fire.

(8) Song : Ghor Korlam Nare Ami

Album: DJ Rees World of SoundDescription : This dancing number effortlessly influences the listeners and makes them to shake their bodies to its tunes.