Bengali Adhunik Songs

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Bengali Adhunik songs represent the commercial popular music form that is distinct from classical or folk music. These songs generate  massive appeal in the Bengali music  lovers. Some of the renowned artists that have contributed towards the cause of Bengal Adhnik songs are Hemant Kumar, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Atul prasad, Sandhya Mukherji, Salil Chudhary, etc. The compositions of Rabindranath Tagore stands out to a separate category altogether of Bengali Adhunik songs. The evolution of Bengal Adhunil songs dates back to the early 20th century where it was nurtured by theater songs, tappa, devotional songs and other sources. It was related to broad range of topics from love stories to social issues. Bengali <a href=

Some of the famous Bengali Adhunik songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Koto Kotha Lekha Holo

Album : Best Of Babul Supriyo

Description : This song reflects the class singing act by Babul and it is outstanding in terms of its melody.

(2) Song : Prithibir Pore Oi Nilakash

Album : Forever Collection Hemanta

Description : This song makes the audience emotional with its sensitive rendering. The lyrics of the song suit to the theme of the composition.

(3) Song : Koyeliya Jane Se

Album : Best of Akhil Bandhu Ghosh

Description : The energy of this song is contagious and Akhil had sung it with great enthusiasm.

(4) Song : Jhanak Jhanak Nupur

Album : Best Of Geeta Dutta

Description :This song topped the music ratings charts for many weeks and proves to be a world class composition. It is truly an entertaining stuff.

(5) Song : Chandete Joshna

Album : BappiDa Hits

Description : Bappi Da hassung this song with lots of heart and passion. It is a class song that exhibits lively and refreshing appeal.

(6) Song : Amar Moner Moyur Mohole

Album : Kishor – The Golden Years

Description : This song is truly heartwarming and is one of the classics that easily captures the audience attention.

(7) Song : Bansuri Ki Bajibe Na

Album : Best Of Jaganmoy Mitro

Description : This lyrics of this classic song creates magical effect as they are sublime in their expression.

(8) Song : Keno Tumi Bodle Jechho

Album : Indranil Hits

Description : This song of Indranil leaves the listeners entertained every time they tune to this songs.


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