Bengali Romantic Songs

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Bengali Romantic songs reflect the soft and wonderful emotions of love, caring, and closeness in a relationship. These songs are very sensitive and moving. They create lasting impression on the audience. These songs have a prominent part in every Bengali movie. These Romantic songs make the Bengali audience to experience the feeling of love. They are the favorites ofthe couples as they depict these emotions intensely. These songs brought about feeling of romance in one’s life.Famous Bengali Romantic songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Sandhya Belay Tumi Ami

Album : Picnic (bng)

Description : This song gives word and mood to the people who struggle to express their love. It is touching piece of music that causes outburst of emotions from the heart.

(2) Song : Ei Raate Ektukahni Kachhe

Album : Mohonar Dike

Description : This song depicts the intense feeling of love between the lovers . It reaches the heart and soul of the person deeply.

(3)Song : Keno Sarbanasher Nesha

Album : Picnic (bng)

Description : This song reflects the romantic appeal and one effortlessly gets lost in its melody.

(4)Song : Emon Madhur Sandhyay

Album : Ekanta Apan

Description: This song expresses the magical moments of love and affection between couples. It is very popular among the romantic Bengali audience.

(5) Song : Ki Misti Dekho

Album : Various

Cialis Onlinealign=”justify”>Description : This romantic song generate the tender emotions of love and it depicts the everlasting love between the two souls who are deeply in love.

(6) Song : Nijhum Sondhay

Album : Various

Description : This passionate composition expresses the hidden romantic feeling of the lover. It is truly melodious at its core.

(7) Song : Pora Banshi Shunle E Mon

Album : Various

Description : This romantic number brings about deep feelings of love and romance. It isvery touchy song that showcases love in human relationships beautifully.

(8) Song : Ei Raat Tomar Amar

Album : Various

Description : It is an amazing composition that talks about love asthe essence of life. This melodious song generates the feelings of eternal love.


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