Bengali Sad Songs

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Bengali Sad songs capture the sad emotions  of the human heart. They refer to the bad experiences in a person’s lives. It generates the feeling of kindness  for the people who struggle to achieve their goals in life. It depicts the feeling when suffers from loss of love in his/her life. These songs allows the person in expressing sorrow and pain. Thus, it relieves the burden of one’s heart smoothly. Bengali Sad songs are deeply emotional in nature. They produces a great influence on human heart and makes the person cry. There is a wide range of sad emotions expressed by these songs such as departure of loved ones, break up of close relationships, loss of fortune, etc.  Bengali Sad Songs

Famous Bengali Sad Songs are as follows:

(1) Song : Chittey lekese bow amar

Album : Various

Description : This song has the potential of making a person cry. It was sung with great intensity and creates an emotional hangover.

(2) Song : Shua chan pakhi

Album : Various

Description : This song reflects the deeply rooted feelings of sadness in one’s life. It leaves the audience with moist eyes.

(3) Song : Kotho Shopno

Album : Various

Description : This song talks refers the extreme pain and agony suffered by lover. Audience find their heart heavy after this heart wrenching emotional  experience.

(4) Song : Keumon Kore chareya Gela

Album : Various

Description : This song touches with the audience as it is expressive in nature and highlight timeless appeal. This song is rooted deeply in sadness.

(5)Song : Mithy KhunerDaye holam

Album : Various

Description : This song is written very well and it was sung with great intensity. It can stimulate the audience and leaves a lasting impression on their mind, heart, and soul.

(6) Song : tumio Doshi Hole Amakeo

Album : Various

Description : This soul stirring song is very emotional in its spirit. One can feel the pain in the voice clearly.

(7) Song : Jani ekdin ami chole jabo

Album : Various

Description : This song highlights the intricacy of human relations and weakness of people at times.

(8) Song : Premer Somadi Benge Moner

Album : Various

Description and one’s body frozen. It reflects the sadness and pain in the life miserably.


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